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The future is here. When it comes to the systems that run your business, you want precision and control. That's what we're all about at CryptoKart. By taking on a philosophy of automation & optimization, you can watch your operations autonomously improve themselves.

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Are you ready to take things to the next level? Have you been researching how to scale up to an enterprise-level of operation? Don’t waste valuable time when your business suffers a setback. CryptoKart was created to deliver powerful IT consulting services that will streamline complex IT projects and propel your organization forward. At CryptoKart, our team of professionals will keep you protected from unreliable systems, unnecessary delays, and unforeseen technological issues.

All of our solutions are customized, cutting-edge, constructive solutions to keeping your business running smoothly 24/7. We’re standing by to maintain, support, and optimize your IT systems at any given time to help your business continue the momentum onward. Get ready to receive insightful consulting services, ongoing maintenance, and technology support at an affordable price. Get started on maximizing your productivity and profitability today.

Join The IT revolution and enhance your business today.

Vision For The Future

Everyone can clearly see where the future is heading. The digital revolution has led to an expansion of the information age. Experts estimate that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. With that number expected to rise, technologies like IoT & automation are already revamping the way we interact with businesses. You're lucky enough to live in a time where you have the chance to adapt to the current circumstances. Don’t get left behind.

Committed To Excellence

Benchmarked strategies you can rely upon

Real-Time Analytics

Data never hurt anyone. We love data so much that we are always looking at it. Having access to real-time data gives you incredible insight. As with any powerful tool, you can decide how you use it. We choose to use your data to help advance your interests. Whether it's constructing an automated infrastructure or building apps.

DevOps Synergy

The development team & operations should dance together in a beautifully choreographed performance. It’s not always easy to learn the steps involved. However, the team at CryptoKart will show you how to create an atmosphere where a beautiful synergy brings out excellence. Let's get started.

Mobile App Mastery

What makes a good mobile app great? We've discovered the common traits between some of the greatest mobile apps on the market. This mastery of mobile app design, development, testing, and optimizing serves you with the power to create inspired apps that function like a dream.

What’s Your Greatest Challenge?

Let us know how we can help. Our team is passionate about innovation, brainstorming, and helping you flush out your thoughts. The creative process takes time. Let’s get started on building something great.

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leadership team

Meet the global leaders delivering Cryptokart's award-winning services

Amol Mozarkar

Co-­Founder and CEO

As a Co-­Founder and CEO at AirRnP, Amol Mozarkar is responsible for the vision and strategic direction for the company. Amol has over 15 years of experience in the IT business, Technology and data centre management. An IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist, inventor, and author of international patent applications for Decentralized Parking Reservation System. Amol is a serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of IT, Internet, cloud services, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, financial & strategic planning, and business valuations.

Before AirRnP, Amol has worked for various industry giants like Bell Canada, IBM, Enbridge, Aviva UK, Wipro, Citi Bank, Aviva Canada etc, in shaping their enterprise solutions and delivery pipeline.

Biswajit Mishra

Co-­Founder and COO

Biswajit is a Co-­Founder and COO at AirRnP. Biswajit has over 30 years of experience working in multiple industries specifically manufacturing, mining, public accounting, retail, service and energy services. His areas of expertise include Financing, Modeling, Cross Border Taxation, International Accounting and Reporting in multiple jurisdictions, Human Resources, Intellectual Property management, Business Development, and Strategic Planning and Implementation. As a senior executive, Biswajit currently holds the position of President and Chief Financial Officer of a multi-national energy technology and services company.

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